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Essential Tomb of Dracula
Essential Tomb of Dracula Vol 1 1
Title: Essential Tomb of Dracula
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Type: Trade paperback collection
Published: 2003-2005
Total issues: 4
Featuring: Dracula; Frank Drake; Rachel Van Helsing; Quincy Harker; Harold H. Harold; Hannibal King; Lilith Drake
Creators: Gerry Conway; Gardner Fox; Mike Friedrich; Steve Gerber; Peter B. Gillis; Tony Isabella; Roger McKenzie; Doug Moench; Jim Shooter; Len Wein; Marv Wolfman; Neal Adams; Vicente Alcazar; Dick Ayers; Richard F. Buckler; John Buscema; Gene Colan; Tony DeZuniga; George Evans; Alfonso Font; Steve Gan; Paul Gulacy; Pablo Marcos; Mike Ploog; Frank Robbins; Frank Springer; Jim Starlin; Tom Sutton; Sonny Trinidad; George Tuska; Alan Weiss

Essential Tomb of Dracula is a series of economically priced trade paperbacks published by Marvel Comics that reprints issues of the various Tomb of Dracula comic book and magazine titles in 500+ page volumes. Volume 1 reprints Tomb of Dracula, Volume 1 #1-25, Werewolf by Night #15 and the Dracula story from Giant-Size Chillers #1. Volume 2 reprints Tomb of Dracula, Volume 1 #26-49, Giant-Size Dracula #2-5 and Doctor Strange, Volume 2 #14. Volume 3 reprints Tomb of Dracula, Volume 1 #50-70, and select stories from Tomb of Dracula Magazine #1-4. Volume 4 reprints more stories from Tomb of Dracula Magazine #2-6 as well as Dracula Lives! #1-13 and issues #7-9 of Frankenstein Monster.


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This article is a comic book series relating to the Tomb of Dracula family of titles.

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