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30k large

30,000 Leagues Under the Sea, screenplay by Eric Forsberg, released in 2007 by THE ASYLUM


Alien Abduction - written & directed by Eric Forsberg; release by THE ASYLUM 2005


Torture Room - a poilitical horror thriller written and directed by Eric Forsberg; released by ECHO BRIDGE in 2009

Sexpot poster 1

Sex Pot, a stoner comedy, written & directed by Eric Forsberg, released in 2009

Megapiranha poster 1

Mega Piranha, written & directed by Eric Forsberg, drew 2.2 million viewers for its premiere on SyFy in 2010, the station's 2nd largest audience to date

Post-1-23460-Snakes on a Train Art

Eric Forsberg's first "Mockbuster", Snakes on a Train, released by THE ASYLUM in 2006, is a cult favorite.

Age of the hobbits

this is one of the first films to use "smart" zombies - released in 2006

Almighty-thor-poster 1
Wotw2 large
Milf large

Eric Forsberg on the set of NIGHT OF THE DEAD: LEBEN TOD, 2006

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