Eden Hamby
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Eden Hamby
Franchise: True Blood
Notability: Minor character
Gender: Female
Location: Bon Temps, Louisiana
Known relatives: Jordan Hamby [1]
Mrs. Hamby [2]
Jessica Hamby [3]
Hoyt Fortenberry [4]
Status: Alive
1st appearance: "Keep This Party Going"
Actor: Annalise Basso

Eden Hamby is a fictional child and a minor character featured on the HBO television series True Blood. She made a single appearance in season two of the show, "Keep This Party Going", and was played by actress Annalise Basso.

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Eden Hamby lived in the town of Bon Temps in Renard Parish, Louisiana. She was the daughter of Jordan and Mrs. Hamby and the younger sister of Jessica Hamby. In 2008, Eden's sister disappeared for several days, causing the family an immeasurable amount of worry. When Jessica returned however, she was a vampire.

Eden helped her mother make sandwiches, celebrating Jessica's return. She told Jessica's friend, Sookie Stackhouse, that she was very pretty. When Jordan Hamby returned however, Jessica remembered all of the abuse she suffered under him. She attacked her father, which terrified Eden. Jessica's maker, Bill Compton, arrived and smashed down the door, but he could not enter the household. He used his powers to glamour Eden into inviting him in, so he could stop Jessica from killing her father. [5]

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  1. Father, alive.
  2. Mother, alive.
  3. Sister, now a vampire; survivor.
  4. Brother-in-law; human; alive.
  5. True Blood: Keep This Party Going

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