Ed Peletier
Walking Dead 1x03 002
Ed Peletier
Continuity: The Walking Dead
Type: Salesperson
Gender: Male
Location: Georgia
Known relatives: Carol Peletier (wife)
Sophia Peletier (daughter, deceased)
Died: 2003 (comics)
2010 (TV series)
1st appearance: Walking Dead: Tell It to the Frogs
Actor: Adam Minarovich

Ed Peletier is a minor character from The Walking Dead comic book series created by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics. He is also a character featured on the AMC television series The Walking Dead where he is played by actor Adam Minarovich. In the comics, Ed Peletier was briefly referenced in The Walking Dead #5, but did not make an actual appearance. In the TV series he was introduced in episode three of season one, "Tell It to the Frogs".

Biography Edit

Ed Peletier was a salesman from Georgia who was married to a woman named Carol and had a daughter named Sophia. Ed was a domineering person who often visited verbal abuse upon his family and did little for Sophia in the way of being a loving father.

When the zombie outbreak hit the American Southeast, the Peletiers headed towards Atlanta, hearing that it was a safe zone. They met with other survivors, but Ed warned Carol against sharing their supplies with them. As the situation worsened, Ed reluctantly agreed to join the group and they set up a camp in woods outside of the city. [1]

The other survivors took note of how abusive Ed Peletier was and a former police officer, Shane Walsh, released his aggression upon him by beating him about the head and neck. [2]

While recuperating in his tent after the injuries he sustained from being beaten up, Ed was attacked when walkers raided the camp. He was bitten and killed. Carol Peletier destroyed his head with a pick axe to insure that he would not be resurrected as a zombie. In her anguish however, she also used this opportunity to vent her aggression over the way he had treated her in life. [3][4]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Although the character was killed in season one, he appeared in flashback in the season two episode, "Chupacabra".
  • Some aspects of the TV version of Ed have been mingled with that of a man named Allen, a character featured in The Walking Dead comic book series, but has no counterpart in the TV show.

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