The Duchy of Brabant was a region of land located in the Low Countries around the delta of the Rhine, Scheldt, and Meuse rivers in Western Europe. Named for the House of Brabant, it was established between 1183 and 1184 and has since become part of modern Belgium. Its territory consisted essentially of the three modern-day Belgian provinces of Flemish Brabant, Walloon Brabant and Antwerp, the Brussels-Capital Region and most of the present-day Dutch province of North Brabant.

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In horror fiction, the Duchy of Brabant played a small but important role in the history of Nick Knight, the central character from the 1992-1996 television series Forever Knight. Nick, originally known as Nicholas de Brabant, was a member of a noble family and lived as a knight and an aide to Sieur Raymond DeLabarre. In the early 13th century, Nick was charged with investigating pockets of resistance in Wales and determining those who were actively opposed to Norman rule. One such resistance member was a woman named Gwyneth whom Nicholas fell in love with. Sieur Raymond DeLabarre killed Gwyneth, but Nicholas was blamed for her muder. To help him avoid persecution, DeLabarre sent his knight to the Near East to fight in the Holy Crusades. Nicholas returned home from the Crusades in 1228, but during his time away he had been turned into a vampire by a man named LaCroix. [1][2]

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