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Duane Mellor
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Duane Mellor
Aliases: Eater
Type: Serial killer
Gender: Male
Base of operations: New York
Died: 2008
First: Fear Itself: Eater
Actor: Stephen R. Hart

Biography Edit

Duane Mellor was a Cajun serial killer who engaged in the practice of cannibalism. Dubbed "The Eater", he is known to have tortured, murdered and eaten more than thirty-two young women (not always in that order). He enjoyed tormenting his victims, cutting off various pieces of flesh such as their tongues and noses and cooking it right in front of them. Sometimes, he would even make his victims consume their own cooked body parts before finally finishing them off. Through cannibalism, Duane was able to take on some of the physical and mental properties of his victims. By eating the hearts of his victims, he could assume their shape and even aspects of their personality and memories.

Duane Mellor was eventually arrested for his crimes and taken to a small police station in Chesterton, New York where he was placed in a holding cell until the Feds could arrive the following morning to pick him up. He managed to escape however and killed several police officers assigned to watch over him including Marty Steinwitz, Officer Mattingley and Sergeant Williams. A female rookie police officer, Danny Bannerman, learned that Duane had killed her fellow officers and was using his newfound powers to assume their forms. Duane attacked Danny, biting several chunks out of her hand, ear and neck. Danny ran away, but knew that she would not survive the evening. She consumed a box of rat poison and when Duane caught up with her, he continued to feed off of her flesh, consuming the rat poison as well. Both of them died within seconds of one another. [1]

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