Drill press
Drill press
Type: Tool
Availability: Common item

A drill press is a standing drill found in most workshops and auto-mechanic shops. It has a large vertical drill bit used to bore holes in dense substances in cases where standard hand-held drills are not enough.

In the pilot telemovie of Masters of Horror, "Incident On and Off a Mountain Road", the serial killer known as Moonface uses a drill press to bore out the eyes of his victims. It is believed that the eyes were offensive to him and he did away with them, along with other body parts at his leisure. Moonface would not completely destroy a body however, and would often prop up the eyeless corpses as scarecrows around the perimeter of his mountain cabin. One of Moonface's would-be victims, a young woman named Ellen, managed to escape from his cluthches and kill him. Having already murdered her abusive husband Bruce before ever even encountering Moonface, she used the drill press to bore out Bruce's eyes and added the corpse to the collection of scarecrows on the property.

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