"Dr. Giggles"
Dr. Giggles 1
Dr. Giggles
Title: "Dr. Giggles"
Volume: 1
number: 1
Cover date: October, 1992
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Editor-in-Chief: Mike Richardson
Writers: Steven Grant
Pencilers: Kent Burles
Inkers: Alan J. Burrows
Cover artists: Doug Mahnke
Cover inker: Doug Mahnke
Colorists: Eric Vincent
Letterers: Bill "Willie" Spicer
Editors: Randy Stradley; Jennie Bricker
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Dr. Giggles is an American comic book limited series of the slasher subgenre. It was published by Dark Horse Comics and released to coincide with the Dr. Giggles feature film starring Larry Drake. The comic series ran for two issues and was written by Steven Grant with artwork by Kent Burles and Alan J. Burrows. The cover art illustration was composed by Doug Mahnke. The story was colored by Eric Vincent and lettered by Bill "Willie" Spicer. This issue shipped with an October, 1992 cover date and carries a cover price of $2.50 per copy (US). The eponymous antagonist of the series is Doctor Evan Rendell, Jr., a psychotic experimental surgeon who earned the nickname "Dr. Giggles" due to his persistent notable laugh.

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Mental patient Doctor Evan Rendell, Jr. escapes from a mental institution and returns to his home town of Moorehigh. He continues his father's sadistic work and begins hacking up various townsfolk, gleefully giggling his way through each bloody kill.

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  • This issue partially adapts material from the 1992 feature film Dr. Giggles, which was released to coincide with the release of the comic series.
  • To date, this issue has not been reprinted in any medium.
  • In the Dr. Giggles film, the part of Evan Rendell, Jr. is played by actor Larry Drake.
  • In the Dr. Giggles film, the town of Moorehigh was filmed in Portland, Oregon. It is possible that the town is located in Oregon as well.

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