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Dracula (1931) Spanish
Title: Drácula
Directed by: George Melford; Enrique Tovar Ávalos
Written by: B. Fernandez Cue
John L. Balderston
Hamilton Deane [1]
Dudley Murphy [2]
Produced by: Carl Laemmle, Jr.
Paul Kohner
Music by: Heinz Roemheld
Cinematography: George Robinson
Edited by: Arturo Tavares
Distributed by: Universal Pictures
Released: March 20th, 1931 (Spain)
April 24th, 1931 (US)
Rating: Unrated
Running time: 104 min.
Country: USA
Language: Spanish
Budget: $66,000

Drácula is an American Spanish-speaking feature film of the horror genre. It is basically a remake of the American version of Dracula, released that same year, but with a Spanish-speaking cast. The remainder of the film follows the same script and set pieces, but with some mild differences in terms of directing and editing. While Tod Browning directed the American version of the film, this version was directed by George Melford with Enrique Tovar Ávalos as an uncredited co-director. The movie was produced by Universal Pictures and released in the United States on April 24th, 1931, two months after the release of the American film. Drácula stars Carlos Villar in the role of the main antagonist, Dracula, or Conde Drácula as he is also known. Actress Lupita Tovar takes on the part of the female lead as Eva Seward.

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  1. Co-writers of the 1927 stage adaptation of Dracula from which the film is largely based.
  2. Additional dialogue; Murphy is uncredited for his participation in this film.