Dorrie Kavanaugh was an American actress born in Cincinnati, Ohio on July 12th, 1945. She played several bit roles on the 1960s gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. She first played a body in a coffin Maggie Evans dream in 224 and 225. She also played a woman in a white dress in episodes 238 and 240. Her only credited role in the series was playing Phyllis Wick in episode 365. Phyllis Wick was the character who body-swapped with Victoria Winters, which led into the 1795 Flashback storyline. Kavanaugh also played a figure in Naomi Collins' dream sequence in episode 376.

Dorrie Kavanaugh died on December 31st, 1983 in Iceland at the age of 38.

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  • Dorrie Kavanaugh also played a character named Martha McKee in six episodes of Ryan's Hope.

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