Donald Myers

Donald Myers was the husband of Edith Myers and the father of Judith, Michael and Cynthia Myers. His son Michael suffered from a psychological condition in which he heard a "voice" which prompted him to commit murder. According to the Halloween novelization, Donald's father also suffered from a similar condition though there is little knowledge available about him. On Halloween night, 1963, Donald and his wife returned home to find their son dressed in a clown costume holding a bloody butcher knife. They were horrified to learn that he had just murdered his older sister Judith. Donald had young Michael committed to Smith's Grove Sanitarium where he spent the next fifteen years in isolation. In 1966, Donald and Edith were in an automobile accident that ended their lives. Young Cynthia was adopted by the Strode family and her name was legally changed to Laurie Strode. Note: Has also been referred to as Peter Myers.
Featured in: Halloween (1978); Halloween: The First Death of Laurie Strode
Played by: George O'Hanlon, Jr.
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