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King County deputy Lam Kendal.

Deputies are law enforcement officers working for an agency headed by a sheriff. They are sometimes referred to by the title sheriff's deputy, deputy sheriff, sheriff's police, or sheriff's officer, and are so-titled because they are deputized by the sheriff and charged with performing all the duties prescribed to the sheriff by that state's law. In some states a sheriff may not be a sworn peace officer, but merely an elected civilian official lacking police powers who oversees the department and its sworn peace officers. Law enforcement officers working for such departments may be subdivided, sometimes titled general deputy and special deputy.

In the 2002 film Eight Legged Freaks, a middle-aged man named Pete Willis was the Deputy of Prosperity, Arizona. He worked under Sheriff Samantha Parker. Pete Willis was one of several key figures involved in protecting prosperity against a horde of giant spiders. He first noticed them when an over-sized spider got into the drywall of his home and killed his cat. Although Pete nearly died several times during the course of these events, he managed to survive. He even credited mutated spider blood with making his hair start to grow back again.

In the horror icon crossover film, Freddy vs. Jason, a young man named Scott Stubbs began working as a deputy for the Springwood County Sheriff's Office. Stubbs had only been in this position for a month before he found himself at the center of a war between two supernatural forces: Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. Although ignorant of Springwood's history with Krueger, the deputy was well aware of the danger posed by Jason Voorhees, and tried to help a group of kids find away to avoid being murdered by both.

Characters Edit

Character Film/Series
Andy Bellefleur True Blood [1]
Dodd Friday the 13th
Dwayne Scream: The Series
Jason Stackhouse True Blood
Lam Kendal The Walking Dead
Leon Basset The Walking Dead
Randy Parker Friday the 13th
Scott Stubbs Freddy vs. Jason
Zack Shelby Bates Motel

References Edit

  1. Later promoted to Sheriff of Renard Parish following the retirement of Bud Dearborne.