Defenestration is the act of pitching someone's ass through a window. This is usually committed with the intent of killing the selected target and is sometimes conducted as a means of execution. Throwing someone out of a first story window serves little purpose as humans tend to be somewhat durable, and they can generally withstand a couple of cuts and bruises. However, if one is really just trying to get someone out of their hair, then hurling them through a first story window may just be the best way to send a message that their presence is unwanted. For optimal effectiveness, the higher the window, the greater the splash zone.

In the 1980 slasher film Friday the 13th, whack-a-do Pamela Voorhees killed a camp counselor named Brenda and secured her to a plank of wood, which she then pushed through a cabin window as a means of scaring another counselor named Alice Hardy.

In the 1986 creature feature The Fly, scientist-turned-insect Seth Brundle committed a similar act with equally shocking results.

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