Episode 461 of Dark Shadows was directed by John Sedwick and written by Sam Hall based upon story concepts developed by Art Wallace. It first aired on ABC on April 1st, 1968. In this episode, Victoria Winters finally escapes from the year 1795 and returns to the present. She is traumatized by the events of the past however and longs to reunite with her lover Peter Bradford. The Collins family and Julia Hoffman are astonished to see her return, but cannot account for her absence, nor the strange clothes she is found wearing. Barnabas, suspecting what might have happened, grows agitated over the possibility that Vicki might have learned his secret during her sojourn into the past.

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  • Closing still:
  • Roger Davis' voice is heard during the opening scene, but he does not make an appearance in the episode and is uncredited. The voiceover is an audio sample taken from episode 460.
  • All of the Collins family members present for the séance are wearing the same costumes they wore in episode 365, however they are positioned differently in the drawing room.
  • Only a fragment of time has passed in the present era between this episode and episode 365, which was broadcast in 1967. Going forward however, the timeline is treated as the then-current present of 1968, rather than continuing on from 1967.

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