A séance has been held in the great house at Collinwood, a séance which has suspended time and space, and sent one girl on an uncertain and frightening journey into the past, back to the year 1795. This night, a woman who has been responsible for much grief decides she must discover the secret of a locked door in a deserted house.

Episode 432 is an untitled episode of the daytime Gothic soap opera series Dark Shadows. It was directed by John Sedwick and written by Sam Hall. It first aired on ABC on Monday, February 20th, 1968. This episode is part of the "1795 Flashback" storyline. In this episode, Abigail Collins discovers the coffin of her nephew Barnabas Collins. Barnabas reveals himself to her and Abigail dies of fright. Meanwhile, Reverend Trask tries to manipulate Daniel Collins into testifying against Victoria Winters at her witchcraft trial.

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