"My name is Victoria Winters. I am a stranger in the Great House at Collinwood. But there are other strangers here too; a man with riveting eyes; new to the land, but not to it's past. But fate has also sent a third uninvited guest; one who has swept through the once quiet village and come to Widows' Hill, where they say cries of sorrow have been heard for centuries. Tonight they will be heard again; for the third visitor - is death."
Victoria Winters

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  • The regular opening title credit sequence for the series begins with this episode. The credits include headshots of all of the main cast members enveloped in a slate frame. Cast members are credited in alphabetical order except for Jean Simmons who is credited last. She is the only actor in the title credits who is identified by their character's name.
  • Episode opens with the trademark crashing waves as seen in the opening credit sequence.
  • Ely Pouget is added to the regular cast list beginning with this episode.

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  1. Credited, but does not appear in this episode.

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