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  • This episode is included on disc three of the Dark Shadows Revival Series DVD collection.

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  • Victoria Winters: Oh my god... Vampires are supposed to be immortal, aren't they?
  • Peter Bradford: Yes, that is what the legend says. Why?
  • Victoria Winters: There's a man in my time... he's very much like Barnabas. He said he was his descendant. He said he was named for him.
  • Peter Bradford: A Barnabas Collins?
  • Victoria Winters: Yes. I thought he was falling in love with me. What if I am Josette's reincarnation two hundred years from now? Josette and I talked about it. We both felt the same thing.
  • Peter Bradford: Victoria, if you are right about this...
  • Victoria Winters: It explains why Angelique wants to destroy me.
  • Peter Bradford: And Barnabas... is a vampire...

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This article relates to episodes of the 1991 Dark Shadows revival series.

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