Cursed items are inanimate objects that have had a curse placed upon them. Such things can come about through a variety of methods. One gifted in black magic such as a witch or a warlock may choose to place a dark enchantment on an item whereupon anyone who comes into contact with said item, other than the one placing the curse, will suffer any number of traumetic side effects as a result.

Some items become bonded to a malevolent spirit whose essence resides within the item, in effect, haunting it. This can include any number of items from something as small as a child's toy, to something as grand a creepy old mansion or even a hotel.

Other items may be infused with dark mystical energy, the origins of which are often nebulous or unknown. Oftentimes, the environment in which an object resides may cause it to become cursed. If an object rests within a place with a history of violence or death, it may become a cursed item.

Examples of cursed items Edit

Undeniably, the most notorious cursed item of all would be the Necronomicon; an aged tome of dark magic bound in human flesh and written in human blood. The Necronomicon was responsible for unleashing the Army of Darkness upon Northern Europe during the 12th century. This was due largely because of the bumbling antics of a time-displaced department store employee named Ash Williams, who unwittingly misread a spell from the book. The Necronomicon survived into the modern era and it's curse turned several Michigan residents into zombie-like ghouls called "Deadites".

In the film Amityville 1992: It's About Time, protagonist Jacob Sterling comes into possession of a wall-mounted clock which he acquirred from the remains of the haunted 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, Long Island, New York. Though the item was removed from it's home and relocated to California, the curse of the Amityville house followed it, and Jacob and his family suffered several harrowing incidents before the item was finally destroyed.

In the 1999 action movie The Mummy, adventurers Rick O'Connell and Evie Carnahan came upon the Book of the Dead, an ancient Egyptian tome which was responsible for resurrecting the mummy Imhotep.

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