"What if... they have so much evil in them... that it just has to get used up, no matter what?"

Crossed is a nine-issue comic book limited series published by Avatar Press. The story was written by Garth Ennis with artwork by Jacen Burrows. It was colored by Juanmar. Burrows and Juanmar also composed the cover art illustration for this issue. It was released with an October, 2008 cover date and carries a cover price of $3.99 per copy (US).

Plot Edit


The Crossed

The survivors take refuge inside of a house along with a man named Randall. In exchange for providing Randall with shelter, he in turn offers them food. Randall gives them an update on things taking place in other cities. He suggests that they keep moving northwest, but warns them to stay clear of the Canadian border.

One of the members of the group, Geoff, decides to bury the remains of the people who once lived in this house. Doing so however, attracts the attention of the Crossed. He alerts the others and they get ready to leave. As they march across the property, a shot rings out striking Randall in the shoulder. They go as deep into the woods as they can get and set up tents. They dress Randall's wounds and check him for signs of infection. Stan thinks about a recent incident where they encountered the Crossed at a town square.

The following day, Stan and Cindy scope out the perimeter. They spy a horde of the Crossed gathered around an old cabin. They appear to be taking turns ejaculating into a metal bowl.

At this time, Randall becomes infected and turns into one of the Crossed. He emerges from his tent and begins chasing the blind Kelly. Cindy stops him in his tracks by shooting him in the head with her shotgun. Afterward, the group keeps walking on through the woods.

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Featured Characters:

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Issue shipped with four alternate covers of limited distribution.

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