Crimson Nights
Crimson Nights (1999)
Title: Crimson Nights
Directed by: Gregory Cabot
Written by: Lori Jannel
Produced by: Jeffrey Arsenault; Ben Joseph
Cinematography: Scooter McCrae
Edited by: George Cruz
Distributed by: Seduction Cinema
Released: 1999
Rating: R
Running time: 77 min.
Country: USA
Language: English

Crimson Nights is an American horror movie of the vampire/erotica subgenres. It was directed by Jeffrey Arsenault under the pseudonym Gregory Cabot and written by Lori Jannel. It was produced by Seduction Cinema and released direct-to-video in 1999. The film stars Lev Gorens, Roberta Orlandi and Tina Krause as vampire seductress Jasmine.

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  • Copyright holder: © 1999, Independent Cinema.
  • The tagline for this film is "Vampire lust waits in the darkness".
  • This is the first, and to date, only known writing credit for Lori Jannel.
  • This is the first credited film work for LG Taylor.

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