Countess Dracula
Countess Dracula
Title: Countess Dracula
Directed by: Peter Sasdy
Written by: Jeremy Paul; Alexander Paal; Peter Sasdy
Produced by: Alexander Paal
Music by: Harry Robinson
Cinematography: Ken Talbot
Edited by: Henry Richardson
Distributed by: Hammer Film Productions
Released: January 31st, 1971 [1]
Rating: PG
Running time: 93 min.
Country: UK
Language: English

Countess Bathory is a British horror film of the Gothic vampire subgenre. It is inspired by the historical figure of Elizabeth Bathory who, while not actually a vampire, committed atrocities that earned her the sobriquet, "The Blood Countess". Countess Bathory was directed by Peter Sasdy with a screenplay written by Jeremy Paul based on a story treatment by Sasdy and Alexander Paal, which in turn was inspired by an idea by Gabriel Ronay and loosely based on a book by Valentine Penrose. The film was produced by Hammer Film Productions and premiered in the United Kingdom on January 31st, 1971.

The film stars Ingrid Pitt as 17th century Hungarian countess Elisabeth Nádasdy, aka "Countess Dracula". The movie also stars Nigel Green as the castle steward, Captain Dobi, Patience Collier as Elisabeth's maidservant Julie Sentash, and Sandor Elès as Lieutenant Imre Toth.

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  • Countess Dracula is a stand-alone film, which does not share continuity with any other Dracula film, or any other film in the Hammer Horror library.
  • The tagline for this film is "Her macabre and bloody quest for eternal youth".
  • There are a total of thirty credited cast members in this film.

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