Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Connor.

The Walking Dead Edit

Connor - Walking Dead

Connor was a male Caucasian in his apparent mid-late thirties living in the U.S. state of Virginia. During the years following the fall of society as a result of a zombie apocalypse, he aligned himself with a group called the Saviors, which was controlled by a man named Negan. Connor was one of the more violent and profane members of the group, which actually even caused some discomfort amongst his fellow Saviors. Always ready for battle, Connor was one of the front-line soldiers in the Saviors' war against the people of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Connor spotted Rick Grimes and his small group's departure to the Hilltop Colony and called for the rest of The Saviors in the area for an attack on the Alexandria Safe-Zone at dawn. Rallying the group to take Alexandria, Connor slipped behind enemy lines and took note of a sniper named Andrea perched in a bell tower. He scaled the tower and sneaked up on Andrea and the two began fighting. Connor maintained the upper hand for a bit, but Andrea eventually overpowered him and knocked Connor from the tower, where he fell to his death.

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