Category: Region
Continent: Europe
Country: Ireland
Notable apperances: Poltergeist: The Legacy

Connemara is a district in the west of Ireland of which the boundaries are not well defined. Some define it to be the land contained by Killary Harbour, the Maam Valley, Lough Corrib; a line from there to the sea at Barna, and the Atlantic ocean. Others draw the eastern boundary line from Killary Harbour to Kilkieran Bay in the west of County Galway.

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Poltergeist: The Legacy Edit

Connemara was the birth place of the Corrigan family, which consisted of Patrick Corrigan, his wife Rachel and children Connor and Katherine. Patrick and Connor were killed in an automobile accident in 1995 and their bodies were buried in Connemara.

Connemara is also where young Kat Corrigan discovered a small sepulcher - the fifth of it's kind, which contained the dark essence of a powerful demon. She found the box at an old antigue shop. The shop owner, Seamus Bloom, opened the box and unwittingly released the demon.

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