Title: Cléopâtre
Directed by: Georges Méliès
Produced by: Georges Méliès
Distributed by: Star Film
Charles Urban Trading Company
Released: 1899
Country: France

Cleopatra's Tomb is a French horror film short produced and directed by silent film pioneer Georges Méliès and starred Méliès' wife, Jeanne d'Alcy in the title role of Cleopatra. It was originally released in France in 1899 under the title Cléopâtre, but has also been known by the title Robbing Cleopatra's Tomb.

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A man explores the interior of an Egyptian tomb and discovers the remains of a mummy. He cuts away the linen and resurrects the body inside of it, who turns out to be Queen Cleopatra.

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  • In 2005 this movie was reported to have been recovered by the Lobster Film company in France. It had been in a chest with several other of Méliès' films which was sold at an auction. However, it later turned out that this was a different film, L'oracle de Delphes, also by Melies, which had been mistaken for Cleopatra. [1]
  • Georges Méliès is also noted for directing the 1896 short Le Manoir du diable, regarded by many as the first horror film.
  • Is considered the first horror film to feature mummies. Also the first horror film to take place in Egypt.

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