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Chucky 002
Charles Lee Ray
Gender: Male
Location: Chicago, Illinois; Lockport, Illinois; Hackensack, New Jersey
Known relatives: Tiffany ("wife"); Glen/Glenda ("son/daughter")
Actor: Brad Dourif (voice)
Ed Gale (stunt double)
Charles Lee "Chucky" Ray is the central antagonist of the Child's Play series.

Biography Edit

Chucky always uses cussing language

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Bride of Chucky Edit

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Curse of Chucky Edit

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Chucky is the only film slasher to appear on episodes of World Class Wrestling (WCW).
  • Archival footage of Chucky from Child's Play can be seen in the 2001 video documentary, Boogeymen: The Killer Compilation.
  • Chucky also appeared on episode 3 of season 24 of Saturday Night Live; guest host: Lucy Lawless.

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