Chickens are a breed of bird; commonly referred to as poultry. Their primary purpose in life is to serve as a source of food for larger order animals, namely us. Female chickens are called hens, while male chickens are called roosters, or cocks (go ahead and laugh). Roosters bump uglies with hens to produce eggs, which is a very convenient side effect of chicken mating. Without it, we would not have Egg McMuffins. Of course, the meat of a chicken itself can be consumed in any matter of methods. It can be friend or grilled, diced up for chicken salad and even made into soup. As chickens are so plentiful, their meat is a fairly inexpensive source of protein and are thus popular in nearly every culture. Vampires also find chickens useful, especially roosters. Old tradition had it that when a vampire heard the crow of a rooster, it knew that dawn was coming and it had to hie away back to it's coffin.

In film Edit

  • Friday the 13th: A New Beginning: In Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, Ethel Hubbard owned a chicken farm. She hired a worker to clean out "all of the shit" from her chicken coop. She really enjoyed making stew for her son, Junior, and gleefully shrieked "Eeee-yaaah!" as she brought a butcher knife down atop a skinned bird as she prepared her meal.
  • Zombi 2: In Lucio Fulci's Zombi 2, chickens were seen running wild all over the island of Matoul, even after the populated village was overrun by zombies. By all accounts, no zombie chickens appear to have cropped up at this time.

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