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Randy Meeks

Randy Meeks

Randy Meeks was a horror film enthusiest who lived in Woodsboro, California. He was pivotal in instructing his friends on how to obey the necessary rules required to survive a horror film. Unfortunately, Randy failed to heed his own advice and became a victim of the Ghostface killer(s). He left behind a video tape with advice on how to survive a horror trilogy.
Featured in: Scream; Scream 2; Scream 3
Played by: Jamie Kennedy
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Ravelli was the sidekick to Captain Spaulding and could usually be found standing outside Captain Spaulding's Museum of Monsters and Madmen. He used a sledgehammer to fell a robber named "Killer" Karl, enabling Captain Spaulding the chance to finish him off. He also attended Spaulding's guests on his Murder Ride attraction.
Featured in: House of 1000 Corpses (2003)
Played by: Irwin Keyes
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Ray Dobson

Ray Dobson was a Ruggsville County police officer. He was present at the raid on the Firefly ranch and later made the connection between the killers' aliases and characters from old Groucho Marx films. Dobson was in charge of the police roadblock that ultimately brought the Fireflys down.
Featured in: The Devil's Rejects (2005)
Played by: Dave Sheridan
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Raymond Santos

Raymond Santos is a fictional werewolf featured in the Women of the Otherworld series of novels by author Kelley Armstrong. He was introduced in the first book in the series, Bitten and was referenced in the Bitten television series. He was a member of the North American Werewolf Pack headquartered at Stonehaven in Bear Valley, New York. A schism erupted within the pack when Jeremy Danvers became Alpha and Raymond revolted. In the novel, Karl Marsten killed Raymond Santos. On the TV series, Raymond was killed at Stonhaven. His blood still stains the floors of their living room. Raymond was survived by his son, Daniel Santos, who sought to destroy the Stonehaven Pack.
Featured in: Women of the Otherworld; Bitten

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Rebecca Hamilton

Rebecca Hamilton was a bank who originally hailed from Indiana, but moved to White Pine Bay, Oregon. She had a past romantic relationship with Sheriff Alex Romero, and was also a key figure in the late Bob Paris' embezzling scheme. When the Feds began looking into Rebecca's activities, she went to Alex for help. She then tried to flee the state, but was arrested at the airport by Federal agent Howard Collins.
Featured in: Bates Motel
Played by: Jaime Ray Newman
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Reverend Zombie

Reverend Zombie (Hatchet)

Reverend Zombie was a voodoo practitioner who lived in the French Quarter of New Orleans. He directed two youths named Ben and Marcus to bayou swamp tour business run by a young man named Shawn.
Featured in: Hatchet (2006)
Played by: Tony Todd
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Richard Walker

Richard Walker

Richard Walker was the father of Henry Walker and the owner of the Walker Funeral Home in the town of Ravens Fair. In 1941, Richard Walker was obliged to honor the wishes of the late Mary Shaw, who wished to have her body cosmetically altered to resemble a ventriloquist's doll.
Featured in: Dead Silence (2007)
Played by: Dmitry Chepovetsky
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Richard Wick

Richard Wick

Richard Wick was a white male who lived in the town of Ruggsville, Texas in the late 1970s. He worked at a hardware store, but was also a criminal who worked with another man named Killer Karl. On October 30th, 1977, Richard Wick and Killer Karl tried to hold up Captain Spaulding's Museum of Monsters and Madmen. While Karl wore a ski-mask, Richard wore a monkey mask, which didn't fit very well and only partially obscured his features. Karl took lead in demanding money from Captain Spaulding, while Richard served as his back-up. One of Spaulding's guests, a man named Stucky, emerged from the restroom and instantly recognized Richard through his mask. He recounted how people used to make fun of him, calling him "Little Dick Wick". This was accompanied by a jingle, "Little Dick Wick played with his prick. Don't his smell just make you sick?" Just then, Spaulding's assistant, Ravelli, burst into the room and attacked the gunmen, giving Spaulding the opportunity to shoot them both dead.
Featured in: House of 1000 Corpses (2003)
Played by: David Reynolds
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Robert Mundy

Robert Mundy

Robert Mundy was a news broadcaster in the town of Haddonfield, Illinois. He broke the story about the discovery of three dead bodies murdered by an escaped mental patient from Smith's Grove-Warren County Sanitarium.
Featured in: Halloween II (1981)
Played by: Alan Haufrect
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Main article: Rondo. Rondo was a bounty hunter and a member of the Unholy Two along with his partner Billy Ray Snapper. Rondo was responsible for killing a prostitute named Casey by cutting her throat, and for capturing Baby Firefly whom he held at gunpoint.

Featured in: The Devil's Rejects (2005)
Played by: Danny Trejo
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Roy Sullivan

Roy Sullivan
Main article: Roy Sullivan. Roy Sullivan was the lead singer for a country-western band called Banjo & Sullivan and the husband of Gloria Sullivan. He bragged about once shaking hands with Johnny Cash. Roy was killed by Otis B. Driftwood who bludgeoned him to death with a heavy tree branch.

Featured in: The Devil's Rejects (2005)
Played by: Geoffrey Lewis
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Rufus Firefly, Jr.

Rufus Firefly, Jr
Main article: Rufus Firefly, Jr.. Rufus "R.J." Firefly, Jr. was the strongest (though not the largest) member of the Firefly clan. He was responsible for shooting out Bill Hudley's car tires, then towing Hudley and his three friends back to the Firefly house. Rufus attended the macabre graveyard ceremony where Denise Willis and Jerry Goldsmith are sealed inside a coffin and lowered into an underground tunnel. When the Ruggsville County Sheriff's Department laid siege to the Firefly home on May 18th, 1978, Rufus defended his family while wearing iron plate armor. Rufus was shot to death by the police.

Featured in: House of 1000 Corpses (2003); The Devil's Rejects (2005)
Played by: Robert Allen Mukes; Tyler Mane
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Russell Logan

Russell Logan was a detective for the Los Angeles police department. In 1990, he tracked down and apprehended famed serial killer Patrick Channing. Channing was executed, but through the use of Satanic ritual, he was able to invoke the first power - the ability to resurrect himself. When Channing re-appeared, Logan continued to go after him with some assistance from a psychic named Tess Seaton.
Featured in: The First Power (1990)
Played by: Lou Diamond Phillips
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