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Marc Price

Marc Price is a minor character featured in the CW Network television series The Vampire Diaries. The character has never made an actual appearance, and has only been referenced by name. His name appeared in a news article in the Mystic Falls Daily, which appeared in the pilot episode of the show. Marc Price is a police sergeant from the town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. In September, 2009, he investigated the bizarre deaths of two locals named Darren Malloy and Brooke Fenton. After examining the bodies, which had been battered and exhibited strange wounds on the throat, he determined that they were caused by an animal attack. In truth, Darren and Brooke were brutally murdered by the vampire known as Damon Salvatore. Damon's brother, Stefan and their human guardian Zach Salvatore, were the only ones who knew the truth.
Featured in: Vampire Diaries: Pilot

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Margot Lyons

Damien 1x07 004

Margot Lyons was the elderly wife of John Lyons and lived at the family estate in New York. She was an invalid, confined to a wheelchair who also seemed to be suffering from some form of dementia. When Damien Thorn encountered her, she got a spark of energy and declared her undying love for him (recognizing Thorn as the Antichrist). John quickly wheeled her out of the room away from his guests.
Featured in: Damien: Abattoir
Played by: Nicky Guadagni
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Marilyn Munster

Marilyn Munster 001

Marilyn Munster was the "odd" member of the Munster family, owing largely to the fact that she was perfectly normal. Marilyn was always unlucky in love, and unfortunately, many of her potential boyfriends were frequently scared off because of her strange family members.
Featured in: The Munsters
Played by: Beverley Owen; Pat Priest
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Marion Walker

Marion Walker

Marion Walker was the wife of Henry Walker and lived in the Walker Funeral Home in the town of Ravens Fair. A deranged woman, she knew well the legend of the ghost known as Mary Shaw. Marion tried to warn young Jamie Ashen about the coming of Mary Shaw, but her warnings were dismissed in light of her dementia.
Featured in: Dead Silence (2007)
Played by: Joan Heney
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Marty Walker

Marty Walker was a film critic and an expert on Groucho Marx. He consulted with Sheriff John Quincy Wydell as to the film aliases used by the killers known as the Devil's Rejects and ended up getting into an argument with the sheriff.
Featured in: The Devil's Rejects (2005)
Played by: Robert Trebor
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Mary Knowles

Mary Knowles

Mary Knowles was one of four primary victims of the Firefly clan. Mary was the girlfriend of Bill Hudley and came to blows with Baby Firefly when the latter began to exhibit affectionate interest in Bill. Mary was later captured by Otis B. Driftwood who forced her to look at the remains of her boyfriend after he turned him into a sideshow "Fish Boy". Mary tried to escape from the Fireflys, but was hunted down and killed by Baby who stabbed her to death repeatedly with a knife.
Featured in: House of 1000 Corpses (2003)
Played by: Jennifer Jostyn
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Mary Shaw

Mary Shaw 001

Mary Shaw was once a ventriloquist who headlined the Guignol Theater in Ravens Fair. When a young boy named Michael Ashen criticized her ability, Mary kidnapped him and turned him into a virtual doll. The townsfolk learned of this crime and murdered Mary in 1941. Ever since, her ghost has sought vengeance against the townsfolk and the only way to avoid her punishment is to be sure to never, ever scream.
Featured in: Dead Silence (2007)
Played by: Judith Roberts
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Mary Winter

Hammer House of Horror 1x01 004

Mary Winter was an actress and the wife of composer David Winter. She lived with her husband at Woodstock Farm in rural England. Mary was having an affair with David's physician, Doctor Charles Henderson. When Mary returned home after a film shoot, she discovered that David had become the target of a three-hundred-year-old witch named Lucinda Jessup. Lucinda made several attempts to get Mary out of the way by using a voodoo doll on her, but Mary survived, and managed to destroy Lucinda by drowning her in a water trough.
Featured in: Hammer House of Horror: Witching Time
Played by: Prunella Gee
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Mason Strode

Mason Strode

Mason Strode was the husband of Cynthia Strode and the adoptive father of Laurie Strode. Michael Myers murdered Mason while he was standing outside on his front porch smoking.
Featured in: Halloween (2007)
Played by: Pat Skipper
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Michael Ashen

Michael Ashen

Michael Ashen was a young boy who grew up in the town of Ravens Fair in the 1930s. He attended a performance of ventriloquist Mary Shaw at the Guignol Theater in 1941. After criticizing her performance, the embarassed Mary Shaw kidnapped the child and murdered him, preserving the corpse by converting it into a doll. His remains and ultimate fate were discovered decades later by his great-nephew, Jamie Ashen.
Featured in: Dead Silence (2007)
Played by: Austin Majors
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Michael Cyphers

Michael Cyphers worked at County Records in Warren County, Illinois. He helped author Tommy Doyle collect old files regarding the late Doctor Sam Loomis and his star patient Michael Myers. Michael killed Cyphers inside his office by stabbing him in the throat with a butcher knife. Note: Last name derived from Charles Cyphers who played the role of Sheriff Leigh Brackett in the original Halloween and Halloween II.
Featured in: Halloween #1 (Chaos Comics)
Played by: N/A
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Michael Myers

Michael Myers 001

Michael Myers was a deranged serial killer who murdered his older sister on Halloween night when he was a young boy. He spent more than fifteen years locked away in a mental institution, but eventually escaped, returning to his hometown of Haddonfield to murder his surviving younger sister, now going by the name of Laurie Strode.
Featured in: Halloween (1978); Halloween II (1981); Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988); Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989); Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995); Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later (1998); Halloween: Resurrection (2002); Halloween (2007); Halloween II (2009)
Played by: Multiple actors
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Miss Montgomery

Full Moon High Wolf Woman

Miss Montgomery is a teacher at the present day Full Moon High, where she encounters former student Tony Walker, who easily posed as his own son due to his werewolf curse keeping him young. Miss Montgomery turned heel when she was revealed as a seductress who sleeps with her students, and she was engaging in one of her villainous sexual acts with a student in her bedroom later in the film when she heard someone entering her home. After berating her young lover for running out, Miss Montgomery is later viciously attacked by Tony in his werewolf form. Miss Montgomery turned into a werewolf under the full moon in a wooded area, where she encounters Tony once again. After her transformation, the evil Miss Montgomery snarled and howled at the moon, as did Tony, and the couple ended up married with a family of their own.
Featured in: Full Moon High
Played by: Elizabeth Hartman
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Mister McDougal

Mister McDougal was the proprietor of McDougal's House of Horrors in La Mirada, Florida. He purchased the remains of Dracula and the Frankenstein Monster with the intent of displaying them at his establishment. When the monsters disappeared, McDougal blamed two baggage handlers named Chick Young and Wilbur Grey.
Featured in: Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
Played by: Frank Ferguson
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Mister Riddle

Mister Riddle (Halloween - TFDOLS)

Mister Riddle was an elderly, perverted man who lived in Haddonfield, Illinois. He earned a reputation for casting his lecherous gaze on high school girls. Michael Myers murdered Mister Riddle on November 5th, 1978. He left his body in the backyard of the Strode residence.
Featured in: Halloween: The First Death of Laurie Strode #1
Played by: N/A
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Mister Xin

Mister Xin

Mister Xin was an assassin and a member of a Triad operating out of the Chinatown district in New York City, New York. He worked in the employ of Triad elder Ko Yun Liu, and often did jobs for Ko Liun Yu's son, Little Ko. Little Ko ordered a hit on NYPD detective Mark Leung. Xin, and several of Ko's men broke into the Leung home where they raped and murdered his wife, Anita Leung. As Little Ko held Mark back, Mister Xin stabbed him to death, then cut out his heart. Mark's eleven-year-old twin daughters, Annabelle and Katherine were taken and sold into slavery. Mister Xin had them brought to a safe-house in The Bronx, where they were watched over by an underling named Kelso. When it appeared as if Kelso was mishandling his job duties, Mister Xin appeared and warned him against doing anything that might threaten the value of his merchandise.
Featured in: The Crow: Waking Nightmares

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Morgan Walker

Morgan Walker

Morgan Walker was one of the administrators at Smith's Grove Sanitarium. He argued with Doctor Sam Loomis regarding the recent break-out of patient Michael Myers. Loomis was less than pleased with Walker's reaction to the situation.
Featured in: Halloween (2007)
Played by: Udo Kier
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Morgan Strode

Morgan Strode was the adoptive father of Laurie Strode and the husband of Pamela Strode. The owner of Strode Realty, he asked Laurie to drop off a set of keys to the old, abandoned Myers house.
Featured in: Halloween (1978)
Played by: Peter Griffith
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Morris Green

Morris Green was a local celebrity and the host of the Morris Green show. In 1978, he interviewed occult specialist Doctor Bankhead about the Ruggsville murders.
Featured in: The Devil's Rejects (2005)
Played by: Daniel Roebuck
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Mother Firefly

Mother Firefly

The matriarch of the Firefly family, she enjoyed celebrating Halloween and made all of her family members and guests wear masks and costumes in her home. She was responsible for the murder of George Wydell and later attended an occult ritual where she bore witness to the murder and subsequent burning of Mary Knowles. A year later, Mother Firefly was arrested in a police raid on the Firefly farm. She was murdered in an interrogation room by Sheriff John Quincy Wydell, brother of the late George Wydell.
Featured in: House of 1000 Corpses (2003); The Devil's Rejects (2005)
Played by: Karen Black; Leslie Easterbrook
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