Centers for Disease Control
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Centers for Disease Control
Aliases: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Center for Disease Control; CDC; CDC
Type: Federal agency
Status: Active
Enemies: Viruses; Zombies

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (or CDC) are a United States federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services headquartered in Druid Hills, unincorporated DeKalb County, Georgia, in Greater Atlanta. It works to protect public health and safety by providing information to enhance health decisions, and it promotes health through partnerships with state health departments and other organizations.

In fiction Edit

In the 1997 sci-fi/horror film Mimic, Jeremy Northam played a character named Doctor Peter Mann, who was the deputy director of the CDC branch based out of New York City. His wife, Doctor Susan Tyler and he, developed a genetically evolved insect dubbed the Judas Breed, which was designed to kill cockroaches, the leading carrier of Strickler's Disease, which was killing dozens of children in the New York area and threatened to become an epidemic. Three years later however, Mann and Tyler's work bore unexpected results as the Judas Breed insects continued to adapt and evolve, growing into human-sized shapeshifting monsters. (Mimic (1997))

The CDC played a role in the final two episodes of season one of the AMC series The Walking Dead. In episode 5, "Wildfire", the survivors of the zombie outbreak, manage to fight their way to the CDC office in Atlanta. They found dozens of bodies littered all over the ground and only one surviving scientist, Doctor Edwin Jenner. Jennfer tried to develop a means of staving off the infection, but was forced to watch his own wife, Candace, die horribly before his eyes. Jenneer, slightly crazed by the event, allowed the survivors to take shelter inside the offices. By the following episode however, a safety protocol was initiated that set the entire facility on self destruct. The survivors managed to escape the building in time, but Doctor Jenner, and one survivor named Jacqui elected to stay behind. (Walking Dead: Wildfire; Walking Dead: TS-19)

Members Edit

Character Film/Series
Candace Jenner The Walking Dead
Edwin Jenner The Walking Dead
Ephraim Goodweather The Strain
Jim Kent The Strain
Nora Martinez The Strain
Peter Mann Mimic

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