Cellar Dweller is an American horror film directed by John Carl Buechler and written by Don Mancini. It was produced by Charles Band and Bob Wynn for Band's production company Empire Pictures and premiered direct-to-video on September 20th, 1988. The film stars Jeffrey Combs as Colin Childress, a cartoonist whose illustrations come to life and kill him. Thirty years later, history begins to repeat itself as another artist, Whitney Taylor, begins crafting artwork that unleashes the "cellar dwellers".

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  • Alternatively known as Underground Werewolf in Hungary and West Germany.
  • This film marks the screenwriting film debut of Don Mancini. Immediately following Cellar Dweller, Don will make horror movie history by creating the framework and script treatments for the Child's Play film series.
  • Actor Jeffrey Combs has appeared in dozens of horror movies, but he is probably best known for his portrayal of Doctor Herbert West in 1985's Re-Animator.

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