"Cordelia, your mouth is open, sound is coming from it, this is never good."
Buffy Summers

"When She Was Bad" is the first episode of season two of the supernatural action/comedy series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the thirteenth episode of the series overall. It was written and directed by series creator Joss Whedon. This episode originally aired on the WB Network on Monday, September 15th, 1997 at 9:00 pm.

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  • Production code number: 5V01.
  • When She Was Bad is also the name of a book by Patricia Pearson.

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Cordelia Chase: Whatever's causing the Joan Collins 'tude, deal with it. Embrace the pain. Spank your inner moppet. Whatever.


Xander Harris: Oh, hey, did you guys hear that Cibo Matto's gonna be at The Bronze tonight?
Willow Rosenberg: Cibo Matto! They're playing?
Xander Harris: No, Will, they're gonna be clog dancing.
Willow Rosenberg: Cibo Matto can clog dance?


Angel: I can't help thinking I've done something to make you angry. And that bothers me more than I'd like.


Principal Snyder: There are some things I can just smell. It's like a sixth sense.
Rupert Giles: No, actually, that would be one of the five.


Principal Snyder: That Summers girl, I smell trouble. I smell expulsion and just the faintest aroma of jail.


Angel: Why are you riding me?
Buffy Summers: Because I don't trust you. You're a vampire. Oh, I'm sorry. Was that an offensive term? Should I say 'undead American'?

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