Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy 4x03 003
Season Premiere October 5th, 1999
Season Finale May 23rd, 2000
Episode Count 22
Cast Sarah Michelle Gellar; Nicholas Brendon; Alyson Hannigan; Seth Green; Anthony Stewart Head

Season 3


Season 5

Episodes Edit

Episode Title Airdate
4x1 The Freshman October 5th, 1999
4x2 Living Conditions October 12th, 1999
4x3 The Harsh Light of Day October 19th, 1999
4x4 Fear, Itself October 26th, 1999
4x5 Beer Bad November 2nd, 1999
4x6 Wild at Heart November 9th, 1999
4x7 The Initiative November 16th, 1999
4x8 Pangs November 23rd, 1999
4x9 Something Blue November 30th, 1999
4x10 Hush December 14th, 1999
4x11 Doomed January 18th, 2000
4x12 A New Man January 25th, 2000
4x13 The I in Team February 8th, 2000
4x14 Goodbye Iowa February 15th, 2000
4x15 This Year's Girl February 22nd, 2000
4x16 Who Are You? February 29th, 2000
4x17 Superstar April 4th, 2000
4x18 Where the Wild Things Are April 25th, 2000
4x19 New Moon Rising May 2nd, 2000
4x20 The Yoko Factor May 9th, 2000
4x21 Primeval May 16th, 2000
4x22 Restless May 23rd, 2000

Cast Edit

Principal cast Edit

Actor Role
Sarah Michelle Gellar Buffy Summers
Nicholas Brendon Xander Harris
Alyson Hannigan Willow Rosenberg
Seth Green Daniel "Oz" Osbourne
Anthony Stewart Head Rupert Giles

Guest stars Edit

Actor Role
Emma Caulfield Anya Jenkins
Mercedes McNab Harmony Kendall
Adam Kaufman Parker Abrams
James Marsters Spike
Jason Hall Devon MacLeish

Crew Edit

Production Edit

Directors Edit

Writers Edit

Notes & Trivia Edit

Home video Edit

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