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Bryan Curtis
Ghost Whisperer 2x17 001
Bryan Curtis
Aliases: Jason Bennett
Continuity: Ghost Whisperer
Type: Reanimated corpse
Gender: Male
Location: New York
1st appearance: "The Walk-In"
Actor: Jamie Bamber

Bryan Curtis is a fictional reanimated corpse and a minor character featured in the CBS television series Ghost Whisperer. Played by actor Jamie Bamber, he appeared in the second season episode, "The Walk-In".

Overview Edit

Bryan Curtis was a New York man who committed suicide by walking into the middle of traffic. Bryan's lifeless body was possessed by the spirit of a former classmate named Jason Bennett and got up and walked out of the morgue. Medium Melinda Gordon had to address both Bryan and the spirit of Jason Bennett and help them come to grips with their respective deaths. [1]

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  • Actor Jamie Bamber is best known for playing the role of Commander Lee Adama in the 2003 remake of Battlestar Galactica.

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