Bray Road
Bray Road
Country: United States of America
State: Wisconsin
County: Walworth County
1st appearance: The Beast of Bray Road (2005)

Bray Road is a rural highway that runs through Walworth County, Wisconsin. It intersects an interstate near the county seat of Elkhorn and is located not far from the fictional bar & restaurant known as Kelly's Roadhouse. Bray Road is featured in the 2005 low-budget film The Beast of Bray Road, which partially derives it's name from this location.

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Kelly's Roadhouse
Main article: Kelly's Roadhouse
Kelly's Roadhouse is a fictional location featured in the 2005 film The Beast of Bray Road and is one of the provincial settings used in the movie. The country-style pub is owned and operated by a woman named Kelly who, unbeknownst to the locals, is actually a werewolf that many have come to refer to as the Beast of Bray Road. Like many such drinking establishments, Kelly's Roadhouse is no stranger to highly intoxicated patrons and the occasional bar fight. One evening, after hours, Kelly had a sexual encounter with the town's new sheriff, Phil Jenkins. It was shortly after this dalliance that Sheriff Jenkins learned the truth about Kelly and her supernatural heritage.

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