Brain Dead
Brain Dead (1990)
Title: Brain Dead
Directed by: Adam Simon
Written by: Charles Beaumont; Adam Simon
Produced by: Julie Corman
Music by: Peter Francis Rotter
Cinematography: Ronn Schmidt
Edited by: Carol Oblath
Distributed by: Concorde Pictures; New Horizons
Released: January 19th, 1990
Rating: R
Running time: 85 min.
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: Unknown
Gross: $1,627,955

Brain Dead is an American sci-fi/horror movie directed by Adam Simon and produced by Julie Corman for Concorde Pictures and New Horizons. The screenplay was written by Adam Simon and Charles Beaumont and the film was released theatrically in the United States on January 19th, 1990. Braind Dead focuses on a neurosurgeon named Rex Martin whose expertise is called upon to examine the mind of a paranoid lunatic named John Halsey - a former mathematician who had been remanded to the care of a mental asylum.

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  • The tagline to this film is "You have nothing to lose... except your mind".
  • Adam Simon pays homage to gothic horror author H.P. Lovecraft with a passing reference to Miskatonic University - a fictional setting that has appeared in numerous Lovecraft works.

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