Bodega Bay Inn 001
Bodega Bay Inn
Category: Business
Country: United States of America
State: California
1st appearance: Puppet Master (1989)

The Bodega Bay Inn is a fictional hotel featured in the Puppet Master film series. It was the central setting of the first installment of the series, Puppet Master. Scenes of the Bodega Bay Inn were filmed at the Mission Inn at 3649 Mission Inn Avenue in Riverside, California. Other scenes were filmed at the Castle Green Apartments in Pasadena.

History Edit

The Bodega Bay Inn was a luxurious hotel located on the coast of California. One of it's more famous residents was French toymaker Andre Toulon, who resided at the inn in 1939. Having perfected the craft of the ancient Egyptian Rites of Afterlife, Toulon had created a cadre of small fully articulated puppets that could act independent of Toulon's influence, or of any other mechanical means of assistance.

Two assassins converged on the hotel ready to steal Toulon's puppets as well as his secrets from him. A nameless puppet warned Andre of this from an upstairs window and the aged toymaker went to work. Removing a piece of paneling from the wall, Toulon packed away all of his puppets as well as the scrolls detailing the Rites of Afterlife. Before the assassins could break down his door, Toulon put a gun to his mouth and blew his brains out.

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