Blutbad is a subrace of Wesen featured in the NBC television series Grimm. The plural form of the name is Blutbaden. Bludbaden are essentially werewolves, who possess uncontrollable rage and an ability to adapt the physical characteristics of a wolf, including excess hair, contorted faces, enhanced strength and animal senses. In modern times, people have vulgarized the name to mean "Big Bad Wolf".

On Grimm, one of the main characters is a Blutbad named Eddie Monroe. He is a Wieder Blutbad, or, "reformed Blutbad", and no longer engages in the act of killing people. In order to keep his more savage tendencies in check, Monroe employs a strict regimen of diet, drugs and pilates. Not all in Monroe's family had his measure of self control however. His grandfather for example, was capable of some fairly horrific acts, and even Monroe admits that his death at the hands of a Grimm was probably well-deserved.

Another Blutbad featured on the series was an unnamed postal worker and serial killer. This man murdered a jogger named Sylvie Oster in Berkeley Park and devoured her remains. He also abducted young Robin Howell and kept her locked up in the cellar of his cabin. Detective Nick Burkhardt and his partner Hank Griffin raided the Postman's cabin and Griffin killed him. [1]

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  • Blutbad is German for "bloodbath". In the context of the series, it is a noun meaning wolf-creature. [2]
  • A sub-group of Blutbaden are the Wieder Blutbaden, which is a religious church faction committed towards reformation and a desire to repress their race's killer instinct. [3]

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This article relates to one of the supernatural races of creature featured in the Grimm television series.

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