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Episodes Edit

Season One Edit

Episode Title Airdate
1x1 Blood Price (Part 1) March 11th, 2007
1x2 Blood Price (Part 2) March 11th, 2007
1x3 Bad JuJu March 18th, 2007
1x4 Gitfted March 25th, 2007
1x5 Deadly Departed April 1st, 2007
1x6 Love Hurts April 8th, 2007
1x7 Heart of Ice April 15th, 2007
1x8 Heart of Fire April 22nd, 2007
1x9 Stone Cold April 29th, 2007
1x10 Necrodrome May 6th, 2007
1x11 Post Partum May 13th, 2007
1x12 Norman May 20th, 2007

Season Two Edit

Episode Title Airdate
2x1 D.O.A. October 12th, 2007
2x2 Wild Blood October 19th, 2007
2x3 5:55 October 26th, 2007
2x4 Bugged November 2nd, 2007
2x5 The Devil You Know November 9th, 2007
2x6 Drawn and Quartered November 16th, 2007
2x7 Wrapped November 23rd, 2007
2x8 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly November 30th
2x9 We'll Meet Again Unaired
2x10 Deep Dark Unaired

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Tagline: A Crime Series with Bite.
  • Based on a novel by Tanya Huff.

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References Edit

  1. Two episodes of the series were unaired.

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