Season One
Being Human (2008)
Being Human (2008) 001
Season Premiere February 18th, 2008
Season Finale March 1st, 2009
Episode Count 6+ pilot movie
Cast Aidan Turner; Russell Tovey; Lenora Crichlow



Season 2

Being Human is a British television program of the supernatural drama genre. It began airing on BBC 3 in 2008 and has also aired on BBC America. The series was remade in 2011 for the North American market. Being Human was created by Toby Whithouse and involves the struggles of three supernatural beings, a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost who all live together in a flat in Bristol. The original three main characters consisted of John Mitchell (vampire), George Sands (werewolf) and Annie Sawyer (ghost).

Episodes Edit

Episode Title Airdate
1x0 "Pilot" February 18th, 2008
1x1 "Flotsam and Jetsam" January 25th, 2009
1x2 "Tully" February 1st, 2009
1x3 "Ghost Town" February 8th, 2009
1x4 "Another Fine Mess" February 15th, 2009
1x5 "Where the Wild Things Are" February 22nd, 2009
1x6 "Bad Moon Rising" March 1st, 2009

Cast Edit

Principal cast Edit

Actor Role
Aidan Turner John Mitchell
Russell Tovey George Sands
Lenora Crichlow Annie Sawyer

Guest stars Edit

Actor Role
Sinead Keenan Nina Pickering
Annabel Scholey Lauren Drake
Jason Watkins William Herrick
Gregg Chillin Owen Norayen
Dylan Brown Seth

Crew Edit

Production Edit

Directors Edit

Writers Edit

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Many plot elements and even direct scenes from this season have been adapted in season one of the North American version of Being Human.
  • Of the main stars from the 2008 pilot episode, only Russell Tovey returns to reprise his role in the regular series. Guy Flanagan, who played John Mitchell is now played by Aidan Turner. Andrea Riseborough, who played Annie Sawyer, is now played by Lenora Crichlow. Adrian Lester, who played William Herrick in the pilot, is now played by Jason Watkins.

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