The Beacon Hills Wildlife Preserve is a fictional location featured in the 2011 Teen Wolf television series. It first appeared in the series' pilot episode "Wolf Moon".

History Edit

In 2011, the residents of Beacon Hills round reason to be afraid of the dark as several people began turning up dead. The official report ruled that the deaths were caused by a rogue mountain lion, possibly escaped from the Beacon Hills Wildlife Preserve. The truth however, was that the murders had been committed by a werewolf. Sixteen-year-old high school student Scott McCall and his best friend Stiles Stilinski were wandering through the Preserve in search of one of these reportedly missing bodies. As luck would have it, they came upon half of the decomposing remains of a young woman. Stiles' father, the town Sheriff, found him in the area and ordered him home. Scott remained behind however, and paid a harsh price for it. As the full moon rose in the sky, a werewolf attacked him, infecting him with the curse of lycanthropy. From that point onward, Scott found himself developing abilities and the physical characteristics of a werewolf. ("Wolf Moon")

Scott soon learned that the werewolf who had bitten him was an older man named Peter Hale and it was Peter's niece whose body the boys had discovered in the preserve.

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  • The Beacon Hills Wildlife Preserve is the first setting featured in the series.

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