April Wexler
April Wexler
April Wexler
Notability: Supporting character
Gender: Female
Location: Beverly Hills, California
Known relatives: Fin Shepard (ex-husband)
Claudia (daughter)
Matt (son)
Born: 1975 (approx) [1]
1st appearance: Sharknado
Actor: Tara Reid

April Wexler was a supporting character featured in the 2013 Syfy original picture, Sharknado. She was played by actress Tara Reid.

Biography Edit

April Wexler was the estranged ex-wife of California pub owner Fin Shepard. She was the mother of Fin's children, Matt and Claudia and lived with her new boyfriend in a nice home in Beverly Hills. The exact nature of how April's marriage deteriorated is unclear, but it has been implied that Fin's obsession with his business is what caused the relationship to fail.

When a series of freak tornados began pounding the Los Angeles area raining down live sharks, Fin retreated to his old home to safeguard his daughter. The torrential storm followed them inland and April's home was besieged by flying man-eaeting predators - one of which made short work of her new boyfriend.

At Fin's behest, April agreed to evacuate the area with him. they later caught up with their oldest child, Matt, who helped them to defend themselves against the sharks. Sadly, April Wexler was not eaten at this time.

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  1. Date is approximated based upon the age of actress Tara Reid.

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