Annabelle: Creation
Annabelle - Creation 002
Title: Annabelle: Creation
Directed by: David F. Sandberg
Written by: Gary Dauberman
Produced by: Richard Brener; Michael Clear; Walter Hamada; Steven Mnuchin; Dave Neustadter; Hans Ritter; Peter Safran; James Wan
Music by: Benjamin Wallfisch
Cinematography: Maxime Alexandre
Edited by: Michel Aller
Distributed by: Atomic Monster
New Line Cinema
RatPac-Dune Entertainment
Released: August 11th, 2017 [1]
Rating: R
Running time: 109 min. [1]
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $15,000,000 [2]
Gross: $295,204,430 [2]
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Annabelle: Creation is an American feature film of the supernatural horror genre. It is a prequel to the 2014 movie Annabelle, and is part of the shared continuity of the Conjuring film series. The movie was directed by David F. Sandberg with a script written by Gary Dauberman. It was produced by Atomic Monster and New Line Cinema as well as RatPac-Dune Entertainment. The film was released theatrically in the United States on August 11th, 2017.

The film initially takes place sometime in the 1940s and involves the Mullins family. Samuel Mullins is a toymaker who constructs a doll for his daughter, Annabelle "Bee" Mullins. The young girl's life is tragically cut short, but this is only the beginning of the Mullins' problems. A demon takes possession of the doll as a jumping point for taking hold of a living vessel. Samuel Mullins manages to contain the evil presence for twelve years, but the entity is set loose after Samuel and his now-disfigured wife invite several orphan girls to stay at their home. A girl name Janice, who suffers from Polio, becomes the next target for the demon.

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  • This is the fourth film in the The Conjuring shared continuity. It is the second film in the Annabelle sub-series. It is the third film to feature the Annabelle doll.
  • Annabelle: Creation was in release for a total of 9.4 weeks (66 days). At its widest release, it was screened in 3,565 theaters. [4]
  • There is a total of sixteen credited cast members in this film. Fifteen are on-screen actors and one is a voice actor. Six are male cast members and ten are female cast members.
  • The conclusion of this film leads into the beginning of Annabelle, albeit from an alternate perspective and point of view.
  • It is a span of twelve years between the deaths of Annabelle Mullins and the re-awakening of the demon. It is also a span of twelve years between the events of this film and the beginning of Annabelle.
  • This is Gary Dauberman's seventh movie as a writer. It is his fourth feature film (excluding television movies and direct-to-video films). It is his seventh horror film.

Fun Facts Edit

  • The tagline for this film is "You don't know the real story". Another tagline is "The next chapter in 'The Conjuring' universe".
  • The use of the well in this film evokes images of Samara Morgan - the ghostly antagonist from The Ring film series.
  • The photograph that Sister Charlotte presents features a ghastly image of a nun. This is the same ghost figure featured in The Conjuring 2. This ghost is also the primary subject of the 2018 film The Nun.
  • The song on the record player that is attributed to Annabelle "Bee" Mullins is "You Are My Sunshine" by Charles Mcdonald.

Body Count Edit

No. Name Cause of death Killer On-Screen Notes
1. Annabelle Mullins Hit by a vehicle. Unidentified motorist. Yes Death confirmed via grave marker.
2. Samuel Mullins Fingers broken; face mutilated. Annabelle Demon Partially. Fingers broken is shown on-screen; corpse discovered later.
3. Esther Mullins Body torn in half. Annabelle Demon No. Remains discovered by the kids later.
4. Pete Higgins Stabbed to death. Annabelle Higgins/Janice & partner. Partially. Killed along with Sharon Higgins.
5. Sharon Higgins Stabbed to death. Annabelle Higgins/Janice & partner. Partially. Killed along with Pete Higgins.

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1940s; 1943; 1950s; 1955; 1960s; 1967; California; Crucifix; Cult; Cut in half; Demons; Disfigurement; Doll; Eye injury; Holy Bible; Nun; Polio; Possession; Priest; Santa Monica; Satanism; Scarecrow; Stabbings; Stairlift