Angel Investigations
Angel 4x08 001
Angel Investigations
Continuity: Angel
Type: Business
Leaders: Angel
Members: Allen Francis Doyle; Cordelia Chase; Wesley Wyndam-Pryce; Charles Gunn; Winifred Burkle; Connor Angel; Lorne; Illyria
Enemies: Wolfram & Hart
First appearance: "Lonely Hearts"

Angel Investigations is a fictional private detection agency featured in the 1999-2004 supernatural action series Angel. It was first incorporated in the second episode of season one entitled "Lonely Hearts".

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Angel Investigations was founded and financed by the vampire Angel, at the suggestion of Cordelia Chase (who desperately needed a job). The company differed from your regular P.I. firm in that they handled cases that were exclusively of a supernatural nature. The slogan for the company was "We help the helpless". Aside from Cordelia, the other co-founder of the group was Allen Francis Doyle, who was a demon who possesed the gift of prophecy. As business quickly began to pick up, more agents were added to the group including the Watcher Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and gang-leader Charles Gunn. Other members and associates include Lorne, Winifred Burkle, Angel's son Connor and the reformed vampire Spike. Most of the group's cases found themselves at odds with the evil corporate law firm Wolfram & Hart.

The members of Angel Investigations have been affectionately referred to as "Team Angel".

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