"There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb"
Series Angel
Season 2, Episode 22
Angel 2x22 001
Airdate May 22nd, 2001
Writer David Greenwalt
Director David Greenwalt
Producer Tim Minear; Marti Noxon; Skip Schoolnik; Sandy Gallin; Gail Berman; Fran Rubel Kuzui; Kaz Kuzui; Kelly A. Manners; Joss Whedon; David Greenwalt
Starring David Boreanaz; Charisma Carpenter; Alexis Denisof; J. August Richards
Previous "Through the Looking Glass"
Next "Heartthrob"

"There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb" is the twenty-second episode of season two of the supernatural action series Angel, and the forty-fourth episode of the series overall. It was written and directed by David Greenwalt. This episode first aired on the WB Network on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2001 at 9:00 pm.

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  • This episode is rated TV-14.
  • This is the final episode of season two.
  • Actors Craig Appel, Jackson Bolt and Rachelle Roderick are uncredited for their participation in this episode.
  • This is the fourth appearance of Fred Burkle. She becomes a series regular beginning with the season three premiere, "Heartthrob".
  • This is the fifteenth appearance of Lorne.
  • This is the second appearance of the Groosalugg.

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  • The title of this episode is a play on the phrase "There's no place like home", which was popularized by the character of Dorothy Gale in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. There are several references made to the film in this episode, including Angel partially quoting the phrase, Cordelia Chase clicking her heels, and Lorne referencing the Elton John song, "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road".

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  • Charles Gunn: We die horribly and painfully, you go to Hell and I spend eternity in the arms of Baby Jesus.

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