"Look at it. Listen to it. Can you smell it? This world. This horrible world. Why would anyone want to bring a baby into it?"

"Lullaby" is the ninth episode of season three of the supernatural action series Angel and the fifty-third episode of the series overall. It was written and directed by Tim Minear and first aired on the WB Network on November 19th, 2001. In this episode, Daniel Holtz continues on his vendetta against Angel and Darla. He learns from Sahjhan that Angel has a soul, but this does not deter him from his crusade to avenge his daughter. Holtz finds a loophole in the mystic ward around Caritas and throws a grenade into the main bar area, destroying it. Darla goes into labor and gives birth to her child, but cannot allow herself to remain in a world of such ugliness, knowing that her vampiric nature might endanger her child.

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  • Production code number: 3ADH09
  • This is the second episode of Angel directed by Tim Minear. He previously directed [[Angel: Through the Looking Glass|"Through the Looking Glass". His next episode is "Couplet". This is his fifteenth episode as writer. He previously wrote "Billy". His next episode is "Couplet".
  • This is the final appearance of Darla on Angel and the final appearance of actress Julie Benz on the series. The character is killed off in this episode.
  • Final appearance of Caroline Holtz.
  • Final appearance of Caritas; destroyed in this episode.

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  • Angel: You love it.
  • Darla: Completely. I love it completely. I-I-I don't think I've ever loved anything as much as this life that's inside of me.


  • Darla: No, I haven't been nourishing it. I haven't given this baby a thing. I'm dead. It's been nourishing me. These feelings that I'm having, they're not mine. They're coming from it.
  • Angel: You don't know that.
  • Darla: Of course I do. We both do. Angel, I don't have a soul. It does. And right now, that soul is inside of me, but soon, it won't be, and then...
  • Angel: Darla...
  • Darla: I won't be able to love it. I won't even be able to remember that I loved it.
  • Darla: And I want to remember. I...

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