Alien: Resurrection
Alien Resurrection (VG)
Publication information
Title: Alien: Resurrection
Producers: Fox Interactive
Electronic Arts
Developers: Argonaut Games
Continuity: Aliens
Platforms: Sony PlayStation
Release date: October 10th, 2000

Alien: Resurrection is an American first-person shooter video game of the survival horror genre. It is based on the popular Aliens film series by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, and is an adaptation of the fourth installment of the series, Alien: Resurrection. The game was developed by Argonaut Games, published by Fox Interactive and distributed through Electronic Arts. It was developed for the Sony PlayStation. The game was released in North America on October 10th, 2000. It was released in the United Kingdom on December 1st, 2000.

Following the same basic plot of the movie, the game takes place years after the events of Alien3 and follows a cloned Lieutenant Ellen Ripley as she tries to escape from the xenomorph-infested research spaceship USM Auriga along with a crew of mercenaries.

Development Edit

The game originally started as a third person survival horror game similar to the original Resident Evil game. The game was to be released by Fox Interactive and Argounaut Games for the Sony PlayStation (it was also rumored for the Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64 and PC computers as well) close to the film's release in late 1997. However, this game was scrapped and Argounaut Games restarted development from scratch as a first person shooter for the PlayStation and PC.

After a series of delays the game was finally released exclusively for the Sony PlayStation in 2000 (October 10 in the USA and December 1 in Europe), three years after the film ran its course in theatres. Versions of the game for PC and Dreamcast were planned but scrapped due to low sales and poor reception of the PlayStation game.

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