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Alice Cable
Alice Cable
Alice Cable
Continuity: Swamp Thing
Notability: Main character
Type: Federal agent
Gender: Female
Location: Louisiana
1st appearance: Swamp Thing (1982)
Actor: Adrienne Barbeau

Alice Cable is a fictional film government agent who appeared in the 1982 creature feature, Swamp Thing, written and directed by Wes Craven. She was played by actress Adrienne Barbeau. The character was created by Wes Craven based on concepts originally developed by comic book writer Len Wein and artist Bernie Wrightson.

Overview Edit

Alice Cable is presented as a Federal agent assigned to oversee the scientific project being conducted by Alec and Linda Holland in the swamps of Louisiana. At first, she is put off by Alec's flirtatious nature, mistakenly believing that Linda was his wife. Even though he corrected her in telling her that she was his sister, Alice had little patience for him.

Alice grew to appreciate Alec Holland more after the villainous forces of corrupt businessman Anton Arcane destroyed his research, murdered his sister, and set into motion a series of events that ultimately led to Alec becoming the Swamp Thing. During her journey, Alice befriended a young boy named Jude, who helped her evade Arcane's forces and she reunited with the Swamp Thing and forme a strong and admittedly unorthodox romantic relationship with him.

Notes & Trivia Edit

The character of Alice Cable is actually a combination of two different characters from the Swamp Thing comic book: Abigail Arcane and Matthew Cable. In the comics, Abigail Arcane is the niece of Anton Arcane and becomes the longterm love interest of Alec Holland. Matthew Cable is a government agent charged with protecting the Hollands during their experiments. Abigail Arcane is actually introduced in the series in The Return of Swamp Thing, where she is played by actress Heather Locklear.

The theatrical release of the film ran 91 minutes. The uncut version ran for 93 minutes, which includes a longer scene of Adrienne Barbeau bathing, which includes full topless nudity. Barbeau's scenes can be found on the 2000 DVD release of the film, but not the 2005 version.

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