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Alan Deaton
Teen Wolf 2x08 004
Alan Deaton
Aliases: Doctor Alan Deaton; Doctor Deaton
Continuity: Teen Wolf
Type: Supporting character
Gender: Male
Location: Beacon Hills, California
1st appearance: "Pack Mentality"
Actor: Seth Gilliam

Alan Deaton is a recurring character on the MTV horror/teen drama series Teen Wolf. He is played by actor Seth Gilliam and was introduced in the third episode of season one, "Pack Mentality".

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Alan Deaton is a veterinarian who manages the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic. Doctor Deaton's expertise extended not only to standard animals such as cats and dogs, but also to more extraordinary animals, such as werewolves. In 2011, Doctor Deaton had hired teenager Scott McCall to work there as an assistant. His knowledge of experimental medicine came in quite handy after Scott McCall became infected with a bite from a werewolf, thereby becoming a werewolf himself.

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