Addams Family mansion

The Addams family mansion is a fictional residence featured in The Addams Family multimedia franchise. It is the primary setting of the original 1964-1966 comedy series The Addams Family, and has also appeared in the Addams Family film series and The New Addams Family TV program.

The Addams family mansion is the ancestral home of the Addams family. Its properties, dimensions and decor are as strange and mysterious as the family itself. But, as they say, "weird is relative". The mansion is decorated with various bricabrac, all of which seem to hail from different tastes. This ranges from suits of armor to life-sized preserved animal remains. Doors tend to open and close on their own, and there appear to be numerous unseen passageways through which the disembodied hand, Thing, may travel.

Residents Edit

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Weird is relative.