Adam Barnes
Adam Barnes
Adam Barnes
Continuity: FreakyLinks
Notability: Main character
Gender: Male
Location: Orlando, Florida
Known relatives: Derek Barnes [1]
Status: Status unknown
1st appearance: "Subject: Fearsum"
Final: "Subject: The Final Word"
Actor: Ethan Embry

Adam Barnes was one of the main characters on the Fox Network television series FreakyLinks. He was played by actor Ethan Embry and appeared in all thirteen episodes of the series.

Biography Edit

Adam Barnes was the brother of Derek Barnes and lived in Orlando, Florida. Adam ran a paranormal investigation research website called, which may have led to his death under mysterious circumstances. Adam's brother, Derek, continued to research unexplained phenomena through his own site,, all the while looking into the true nature of his brother's death.

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References Edit

  1. Twin brother; alive.

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